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Armor Roofing Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded and insured commercial roofing contractor serving all of Southern California since 1995.

Armor Roofing has built a solid reputation as a roofing contractor. We are in excellent standing with:

1. The Contractor’s State License Board.  Check it.

2. All city building departments.

3. Worker’s Compensation.

4. All of our past and current clients.  Get references.

5. All major manufacturers – being a certified installer for each.


Hot Tar / Built-Up




Tile and Comp


Gutter Repair and Installation

We have this great reputation because we set out more than 20 years ago to build a highly reputable company. We’ve made sure to be a highly professional and fully accountable business, working hard to keep our promises and exceed any expectations of our clients.

We are especially skilled in low-sloped roofing systems, cool cap, built-up roofing and Modified Bitumen.  Also, we are experienced in Single-Ply, TPO, EPDM, coatings, and more.

Armor Roofing services include installing new drains, wall-thru scuppers, building crickets, tapered insulation, gutter installation, and downspouts.  We also will introduce new ventilation, install roof hatches and skylights, and build new curbs per code height.

  • First Class Service 100%
  • Fast Response 100%
  • On Budget 100%

Armor Roofing Inc built up job

Fast Response

When your roof needs repair, you want it NOW!.  We respond to all calls very quickly, making sure your investment stays protected.

Detailed Bids

You need a detailed bid to understand what you are buying.  We take great pride in making sure you understand where your money is going.

Guaranteed Work

Armor roofing stands behind their work.  We have a more than 20 years of history to prove it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?

All sizes – big and small.  We specialize in low slope roofs, but handle any commercial, industrial or residential job.

Should I replace or repair the roof?

Very often you will only need a repair.  If the installation was done correctly, repairs will extend the life of the roof indefinitely.  We offer a free estimate and will let you know.   Repairs will save you a ton of money and defer the expense of a new roof for many years.

Should I have a roof maintenance agreement?

YES!.  A roof needs maintenance.  Everything from cleaning up debris to refreshing mastic around roof penetrations.  These repair and maintenance items will keep the roof water tight for many additional years.

This was a very difficult job, and Armor Roofing handled it with no issues.  They were on time and budget.  I was really impressed by the cleanliness of the job site.


When i found a leak in my roof, I called Armor roofing.  They showed up fast and was able to fix it on the spot.

Suzanne M.

We got several quotes, but we were so impressed with the professionalism of Todd.  The quote was very detailed and showed what we needed.

The work was completed without any incident.  We cannot recommend Armor Roofing enough.

Javier A.

Apartment Complex

We received a few estimates for replacing our roof.  But Armor Roofing pointed out that we only needed some repairs.  This saved us tens of thousands of dollars and deferred the replacement by several years.

We were so impressed that we got the roof maintenance package they offer.  Can’t say enough good things about them.

Henry Q.


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