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Flat Roof Repair

Just because your roof is leaking, doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced.  We specialized in flat roof repair, saving tens of thousands of dollars for our clients. Before you decide to replace your roof, contact us and see if it is really needed. Oftentimes, a small repair will more than suffice for many years.

 Is it time for a flat roof replacement?

There does come a time when a Flat Roof Replacement is necessary.  Here are some of the signs that indicate when it is time. Click

 Do you just need a flat roof repair?

More than half of the flat roofs replaced don’t need to be.  A flat roof repair will solve leaks for many years.  It is very likely that the leaks are caused where penetrations come through the roof. For example, roof jacks, electrical and mechanical devices (air conditioning) are just a few.

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