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Roofing Contractors San Diego

Tips for Hiring Roofing Contractors in San Diego


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Roofing Contractors San Diego

If you are looking for a roofing contractor in San Diego, there are several things to consider before making your choice.  Do you really know what you are getting when it comes down to it.  If you are asking for a new roof or a repair, how do you know if it is done properly?  if you have a new roof installed, it is likely you won’t know what is wrong with the job for several years.  But there are ways to make sure your contractor is reputable and will do a great job for you.  In today’s world, you have to be more careful than ever, making sure you get what you think you are paying for.  So we have compiled a list of things that you should know before hiring your roofing contractor.


1. Contractor’s license

Is your contractor licensed?  It is pretty easy to check – and you should.  While an unlicensed contractor is usually cheaper, there are several risks that you need to keep in mind.  

Check to see if your contractor is actively licensed.  

Why do you care if your contractor is licensed?  The main reason is because it probably means they have met all the requirements to get licensed. Some of those requirements are listed below.


2. Bonded and Insured

What does bonded and insured really mean?


If your San Diego roofing contractor is bonded, they will protect you against any shoddy work or theft. For example, if your roofing contractor removed the roof, and then “got busy” and never showed up again, you could claim against the bond.


Insurance should include worker’s comp for injuries and general liability for any damages to the property that are the result of the job.  Let’s face it, sometimes things happen.  Maybe the forklift went through a wall or a truck backed into your roof overhang. These things happen sometimes, and the insurance is your protection.

Did you know that you could be liable if a worker falls off the roof, gets hurt or killed on the job, if your contractor isn’t properly insured?  There are plenty of cases where the homeowner had to pay because of hiring a non-licensed or uninsured contractor.

Keep in mind that being bonded and insured is not cheap. Because of the cost, someone who is properly covered has to charge more than someone who isn’t. 

3. References

References are important, but only if you check them.  There are some roofing contractors in San Diego that don’t have a good reputation.  

Check multiple sources online for the company name by googling “[company name] scam” or “[company name] reviews”.  

The tip to take away:

Make sure you actually check the references.

*As a side note, make sure your roofer is competent in the type of roof you have.  For example, hot tar roofing is not the same profession as a shingle roof.


4. Payment schedule

How and when you pay the roofing contractor is important.  Too many times people have been asked to pay for the job upfront and never saw the contractor again.  In California, it is illegal for a contractor to ask for more than 10% upfront on a job.  But in my opinion, you should only make progress payments once the work is completed.

Payments to roofing contractors San Diego

Payment Schedule

 Never pay anything in advance of the work being done. 

Our policy is that we will do the demo of the roof and then load the roof with materials.  At this point, you pay 50%.  The balance to be paid upon completion.  We do not ask for money before starting a job.  You should seriously reconsider any roofing contractor that wants money before the job even begins. 


5. Get a contract

The contract should give you the scope of work that is to be done.  This should be pretty specific, identifying amount and type of materials.  It should not just say, “demo and replacement of roof.”  Without this information, it will be very difficult to hold the contractor to the specifics of a job.

Our proposals will spell out the details so you will see what you are paying for.

Get three or four bids so you can compare them.  Then talk with the contractors and ask them any questions that may have come up while comparing the bids.  Then you can narrow down your selection based on the proposals and conversations, making the best choice for your scenario.

So in summary, If you are going to search for San Diego roofing contractors, make sure you do a little homework.  It will be a little more work, but you will be protecting yourself.

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